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Snake Tales

Metal Gear Solid Fanfic
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"You can always count on a murderer for a fancy prose style."
~Vladimir Nabokov

The Rules

1. Though we're primarily a fanfic community, we'll also accept fanart postings and discussion that's related to Metal Gear Solid fanfic. And if you want to make an introductory post, no one's going to freak out. General discussion of the games should be taken to metal_gear, and general slashy talk should be taken to mgs_slash.

2. This community is slash/het/femmeslash friendly. It's also NC-17 friendly. However, not everyone likes slash/het/femmeslash, and I've even heard tell of a strange race of internet-goers who don't like porn. Please label and rate your fic as necessary, and warn for any potentially objectionable content (non-con, BDSM, underage sex, extreme violence, etc.)

3. If you're under eighteen and want to look at porn, at least have the common sense to keep it a secret.

4. Don't be dumb.

5. Seriously, don't be dumb. That means no trolling, no flaming, and try to at least make sure you've run your fic through a spellchecker before you post it. There's no excuse for misspelling the main character's name, and that goes double when his name is something as simple as Snack Snake.

6. No, constructive criticism does not count as a flame. Who decides what's concrit and what's a flame? Well - if I may channel my inner Samuel L. Jackson for a moment - I do, motherfuckers.

Fic/Art Format

Subject Line:
[FIC/ART]: Title

G - NC-17
Pairing: (if applicable)
Author's Notes:

(LJ-Cut with your fic/art)

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