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{fic} Shy

Title: Shy
Author: alanahikarichan
Rating/Warnings: PG for death threats.
Pairing: Wolf+Hal, kind of.
Summary: A little regret, and a little kindness.
Author's Notes: Well, this comm is... kinda dead... but I'd feel wrong about posting a nearly-gen-with-het-hints fic on mgs_slash, so there you go.

She knew the man was watching her.

The man, the skinny little scientist in his oversized white parka-- he had always watched her whenever he could, though he never said anything, never made any advances. It was refreshing in a base with so many soldiers.

Of course, if he had been cruel to the dogs, she never would have let him even watch; there had been men in the past who had tried to use them to get into her heart, and she hated those. But the scientist-- he was the kind that actually did like the dogs, and laughed when the pup stole his glove instead of kicking out and snatching it back. And Wolf could let a man like that watch.

He was watching her now, but not in the shyly admiring way he had before. Now his eyes were wide and uncertain and a little scared, like every other hostage they had dragged onto the helipad. It made her a little regretful about this, about taking the base hostage, but FOXHOUND was dying and Liquid Snake was trying to fulfill Saladin's dreams...

Somewhere on the edge of her awareness, one of the soldiers said something about the dogs, and Liquid replied "just shoot them" with an off-hand wave before turning a menacing gaze back on the hostages. Wolf snapped around, though, and glared coldly at the Genome Soldier, pinning him as firmly with her gaze as a wolf pins a rabbit.

"If you harm the dogs," she said, and her hands tightened visibly on the PSG-1, "I will kill you myself. Is that clear?"

Liquid had turned to look at her, and his mouth tilted in a sardonic smile. "All right, then. We'll humor our lady sniper. Don't kill the dogs," he ordered the soldier, then back to Sniper Wolf, "I'll hold you responsible for their care."

She nodded curtly and went back to watching the hostages.

The scientist was watching her, but instead of the uncertain fear, his face held nothing but a sort of shy admiration, and Sniper Wolf felt a little better.
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