Dagger -[尖刀] (usagi_no_hime) wrote in mgs_fic,
Dagger -[尖刀]

[FIC] The Metal Gear Doctrines [ongoing]

Title: The Metal Gear Doctrines[ongoing]Four Chapters + Prologue
Author: Dagger[Cleo Jane]
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 - T
Genre: Drama/Adventure [slight AU]
Pairing: No specific pairing
Summary: In a world completely fabricated in lies and secrecy, what will happen when Matthew Webb conducts his own journey to understand who he is...? Or who he think he is? Will a mere clone of of hero find his own identity?

Author's Notes: I come in peace? This is just a MGS fan's take on making somewhat new plot using the MGS world. Most of the usual MGS cast will be featured in this story.

(This is the truth, the only truth I know to be true)
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